February 27, 2006

First Look: MacBook Pro

Apple says its up to four times the speed of the PowerBook G4 and eight times the graphics bandwidth. The MacBook Pro is here and I just read the First Look over at Macworld.

The MacBook Pro is the first Intel-based Mac and is just raring for a hit. When I heard about the Apple-Intel collab. I was like, "intel inside on a mac, aw!" but hopefully it won't be there. Although Jason Snell at Macworld has his hands on 2GHz models he hasn't mentioned about the "Intel Inside" logo. I hope he does that. Apart from that, I am gonna add the MacBook Pro to my wishlist over at I Want Doesn't Get as soon as Macworld reviews the beautiful machines.

Read more at Macworld.

Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell is ... well, George Orwell. The man writes so well you can't help but admire the prose cos it flows like poetry. He hits each and every sentence with such weight that you are left with no option but to re-visit his books over again. Published in 1949, Nineteen Eighty-Four is so fuckin' futuristic that, for once, "relevant in these days too" seems quite true. Rarely have I read a book that is so damn close yet so far. Reading about doublethink and big brother you almost always think this stuff can be so future. Whenever I re-read 1984, each and every time, I feel that Winston will win his war. And each and every time he wins, but it's not his war. And each and every time I contemplate if this can be our future.

Now as I wait for V for Vendetta, its hitting screens (including IMAX) on 17th March, I go through many movies that show a demoralized, depressive and pessimistic vision of the future. Dark City, Equilibrium and many more like them seem to pick much of their future from George Orwell's mindfuck satire. I don't know if mindfuck typifies 1984 but that is how it always leaves me. Mind Fucked.

February 25, 2006

Don't know what to write

That's why I can't say what I will write. I don't know when I'll write or if I'll write at all.
That's why Anonymous Content.
I hope I write something.