March 03, 2006

Choke Yourself!

I love Chuck Palahniuk's work, although I've only read Fight Club and a few other online write ups. He, i believe, is the Quentin Tarantino of writing. So, anyway, the news/rumor that is making rounds these days is that Chuck Palahniuk's CHOKE is being made into a movie. The scoop came up at AICN, the scooper seems to have heard about the movie from Chuck himself while interviewing him. But i guess we have to wait for something from the film makers themselves. The team behind the hellblazer movie, Constantine are supposed to be hooked with Susan Sarandon as the mother of Victor Mancini, the lead character. As for Victor Mancini himself, Oscar-Nominee, Heath Ledger and Ryan Gosling are hoping to star.

Choke is the story of med-school dropout Victor Mancini, an anti-hero of our deranged times. He is a con artist who works in a colonial-era theme park by the day, visits his addled mother, and frequents "sexual addiction recovery" workshops to pick up dates. His scam, is to choke on his food in upscale restaurants and then allowing himself to be "saved" by fellow patrons who, feeling responsible for Victor's life, go on to send checks to support him.

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