March 15, 2006

Of Theme-ing and Scheme-ing

Busy theming out Wordpress. The idea, is to get this blog from Blogger to Wordpress and from blogspot servers to my own server. For all Blogger-fans. This flip has nothing to do with Blogger. Blogger is a damn great service and my other blog will stay on Blogger ever. The flip comes in with the need for a content management system for the whole website. Although I can do manage content on blogger but I have come to understand Wordpress a lot. And Wordpress seems a lot more better choice for a CMS. The reasons are apparent enough.
  1. Great Interface.
  2. Theme-ing, Piece of Cake.
  3. New webpage creation, damn easy. (Click-Write-Publish)
  4. Editing is fantastic, with timestamp editing I can write today for day before yesterday.
  5. And a lot more reasons that I've not yet come to pass...
As i write this entry I have completed the theme and am tweaking the code for IE/Windows. I am trying to use every design technique I know/like on this theme.

I got a wooden background for this one. Writing up the theme was so nice, I have decided to skim up a few more themes for the Wordpress Codex. Back to design, I got the same old (read: trusty) centered, two-column, fixed-width layout. Dark Brown + White. With Automatic Lab's Image Rotator spewing out random header images you will get ... random header images. Also trying for the first time, sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement), Mike Davidson's open source Text-Flash Replacement technique based on Shaun Inman's IFR. Until now, it's all in good times. Although the sIFR is giving some trouble, I'll make do without it for few days.

The code, hopefully, will be valid and accessible and will try not to eat up bandwidth. And I lack a .com and am living on excellent free hosting services provided by AddYour. Cos being here in India, domains and web hosting are quite an investment for a budding freelancer like me. With domains starting at 495 of our Indian currency and hosting hitting hard at 1500 rupees, dollars seems so low for the first time. Dollars happen to work great with domains because I can get 2 years of domain registered for the amount of one. With iPower giving out domains at $2.95 an annum, i.e. approx. 130 Indian Rupees, I can get meself a domain too.

But the problem is my Credit Card which doesn't work internationally. But through the power of the web I got myself a Paypal account. So all you good people shell out something for this guy, and who knows you might get a website redesign all free of cost. Or, maybe, at a low cost. So click the little donation button down under as fast as you can spell I.


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