March 21, 2006

SXSE: South by Southeast

No. It's not about SXSW. I ain't that lucky to go SXSW. It's about going South by SouthEast. Chennai.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Chennai. Will be there for a week or so. Most probably I will be back by 29th, hopefully. Apart from the Beach (read: crowded place surrounded by water on one side) I'll be hitting the China Market over there, maybe will buy me some CF cards, a good 1GB card will work gr8 with my Canon Powershot A80. 1GB = 700 pics approx. (1024 x 768 that is).

While I'm gone, do check out: My Amazon Wishlist, My Other Blog, My Flickr (Chennai pics will be there). Also check out V For Vendetta in the nearest IMAX/Cinema. We are not lucky over here. It's not yet released in India.

Do come back to this page again, will be posting photos and videos from Chennai, ASAP. By ASAP I mean as soon as I can get a PC hooked up to the net. Till then its Adios.

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